About OTKRITIE Bank Cards

What can I do with the ‘Bank Connection’ service?
For instant transfer:
— from ‘OTKRITIE’ bank card to a Yandex.Money account (without commission)
— from your Yandex.Money account to a bank card (3% commission).
How secure is activating ‘Bank Connection’ for a bank card? I don't want to enter my card's details online.
You won't have to. Activation of the service takes place on the bank's site. We don't get any information about your card except the last four digits of its number. We don't know your PIN either: you only enter it at the ATM when activating the service.
So, nobody can get information about your card through our service.
Can I activate ‘Bank Connection’ for two cards simultaneously?
No, but you can link the second card to your Wallet. That way you'll be able to use it to pay without adding money to your Yandex.Money account or entering its details on other websites.
I have additional cards issued for my family members. Will they be able to activate ‘Bank Connection’?
No, only a primary cardholder can activate the service.
I have Visa Electron. Can I activate ‘Bank Connection’?
Yes, you can activate it for any OTKRITIE Bank card whose balance is denominated in rubles with the exception of cards issued in partnership with WebMoney.
What will happen if someone finds out my payment password and tries to steal money from my card?
We recommend enabling text message notifications along with the ‘Bank Connection’ service. You will get notified about every operation made through your card (including transfers to and from a Yandex.Money account).
You can activate text message notifications via any OTKRITIE Bank ATM or at one of the bank's branches.

Activation of ‘Bank Connection’

I see a link for confirming ‘Bank Connection’, but I never requested this service. What should I do?
Someone probably entered your Wallet number when activating the service for his or her card. Simply cancel the activation.
I want to confirm activation of the service, but there is an error in my passport details. What should I do?
First of all, don't confirm activation. Then call OTKRITIE Bank at +7 (495) 755 8884 and check whether your information is correct on the bank's end. If there is a mistake in your information, it needs to be fixed. After that, start the ‘Bank Connection’ activation process from the beginning.
If the mistake is not on the bank's end, write to our Support Service for help.
I started activating the service at an ATM, but then I lost my receipt. What should I do?
Unfortunately, you cannot confirm activation of ‘Bank Connection’. You need to cancel this activation process and start from the beginning.
My card was not issued in Moscow. Can I activate ‘Bank Connection’ for this card?
Yes, of course. This service can be activated for any OTKRITIE Bank card whose balance is denominated in rubles with the exception of cards issued in partnership with WebMoney.
I activated ‘Bank Connection’ at an ATM, but I don't see a link for confirmation on the Yandex.Money website. What should I do?
Double check the account number specified on the ATM receipt (see the line ‘Результат: Подключен номер:’). If it has a mistake, start activating the service from the beginning. Don't worry, the owner of the ‘wrong’ account won't be able to confirm linking, because only you have the receipt.
If the issue is not with the account number, write to our Support Service.
How do I deactivate ‘Bank Connection’?
Open Settings. Click ‘Disable service’ in the section ‘Bank Connection’. If you would like to activate this service later for another OTKRITIE bank card, be sure to cancel the previous card at any of the bank's branches.
The card, for which I activated ‘Bank Connection’ expired, and I had a new one issued. Do I need to activate the service again?
No. Technically the service is activated for the card's account and not for the card itself. Its number won't change when it is reissued, so you'll be able to keep using the card as usual.
I activated ‘Bank Connection’ for a card, but now I want to use a different one. How can I reactivate the service?
You need to:
1. Deactivate the service for the first card.
2. Cancel this card at any ‘OTKRITIE’ bank branch.
3. Re-activate the service for the new card.

Transfers Between Cards

What commission do you charge on transfers from a Yandex.Money account to a bank card?
3% of the transfer amount.
What is an ‘operations limit’ and what is it for?
Limits were introduced for security reasons. If someone finds out your payment password and tries to transfer money from you card, you will notice it immediately (granted that you've enabled text message notifications). Which means you will be able to contact our Support Service before a fraudster can steal your money.
A limit any lower would have be inconvenient for many users, so we settled on this amount.
What are the limits on transfers between a Yandex.Money account and bank card?
From your card to your Wallet, you can transfer 15,000 rubles at a time, 100,000 rubles a day, 200,000 rubles a calendar month.
From your Wallet to your card, you can transfer:
— 15,000 rubles at a time if you are a reviewed user
— 75,000 rubles at a time if you are identified user.
Daily limits—150,000 rubles; calendar month limits—600,000 rubles.
How do I know that I've reached my limit?
You will receive an error message when trying to transfer money.