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Whether you avoid using your bank card onlineYou are willing to raise money for a joint gift or any charity projectYou do not have a card, or it does not operate onlineМечтаете платить в мобильном приложенииSign up

Transfers without commission

Between Yandex.Money accounts, and the rest will follow.


Whether you avoid using your bank card online

Security for your cards

Save your bank cards to our service and you will no longer need to enter their details for every payment in the internet.

In the course of a payment, select Yandex.Money as your payment method: the online store you are paying at will not see your card’s details. Money will be debited as usually.

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You are willing to raise money for a joint gift or any charity project

Tools for Raising Money

For instance, it helps if you want to raise money for a present or accept payments in your blog. Anyone can pay you from a card or e-wallet. The money will be credited to your Yandex.Money account.

Just pick one of our convenient tools for that.

Fundraising page

To accept money for yourself

Ya.Soberu page

To raise money for a common goal

Forms and buttons

To accept payments on your site or in your blog


You do not have a card, or it does not operate online

Pay Anywhere

You can spend money from your Wallet wherever Yandex.Money or bank cards are accepted: using our Yandex.Money card. Our card works online, at usual stores, and at ATMs.

На сайте Яндекс.Денег собраны самые важные платежи — чтобы вы могли быстро заплатить за мобильный, интернет, коммуналку, штрафы ГИБДД или оплатить счет-квитанцию.

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Мечтаете платить в мобильном приложении

Payments via Mobile

Internet and mobile services, utility bills, and transfers—in our app for payments.

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Most Important about Yandex.Money

Dozens of ways to add money to your Wallet—with commission and without one

We support withdrawing cash via ATMs, transferring money through Western Union and Unistream

Pay with us online and at offline stores (using our card)

Convenient tools for accepting payments and raising money

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