To start issuing invoices, open a Wallet or log in to your account.
Creating invoicesResult
for sending a copy of the invoice
Send invoice
The text will appear in the ‘Purpose of payment‘ field and in your History. This text helps you identify incoming payments and process orders.
This sum minus commission will be credited to your account.
You can introduce yourself and say something about your project. The payer will see this in the email with the invoice. Maximum 200 symbols.
We will send a message with the purpose of payment and a payment button to the email that you specify.
The recipient is charged commission:
  • 0.5% on transfers from Yandex.Money account;
  • 2% on transfers from Visa or MasterCard.
For anonymous users
To receive money you need to upgrade your user status.
You can embed a button for receiving transfers on your site. You also can set up HTTP notifications.