Bank Connection Service for Alfa-Click Accounts

If you have Bank Connection service activated, you can instantly do the following:
  • transfer money from a Wallet to Alfa-Click (commission—3%),
  • add money to a Wallet via Alfa-Click (without commission).
The required buttons are under your account Settings.
If you are yet to use Bank Connection service, activate it under your Alfa-Click personal account.
  1. Select ‘Settings’—‘E-money’—‘Yandex’—‘Create a new link’.
  2. Enter the number of the Wallet you want to link.
  3. You will get it to the phone number linked with Alfa-Click. Enter it under Alfa-Click and Yandex.Money site.
Transferring Money from Alfa-Click to Yandex.Money
  1. Sign up for Alfa-Click.
  2. Select the section ‘Add/withdraw money on Yandex.Money’.
  3. Specify the Yandex.Money account number and the amount you want to transfer to it.

Commission—0%. Limits:

  • 60,000 rubles a day, if you confirm the operation in the Alfa Key app
  • 30,000 rubles a day, if you don't use Alfa-Key.
  • за месяц — до 300 000 рублей.
Transferring Money from Yandex.Money to Alfa-Click
Under your Wallet Settings, select ‘Other’ and push ‘Transfer to Alfa-Click’. You will only see this button if you have Bank Connection service activated.

Commission—3%. Limits

  • 100,000 rubles at a time for identified users
  • 15,000 rubles at a time for reviewed users.
Please note: anonymous users will need to specify their Russian passport details to make a transfer. They will get a reviewed user status.

Useful links
You can add money to your Yandex.Money account using any Russian bank card and cards issued by banks in nine other countries on our site.