Instructions for Signing Up

How to Sign Up as a Merchant

  1. Place the payment form code on the store's website.
  2. Perform a few test payments.
  3. Switch your payment form to working mode.

Placing the Payment Form on a Website

A payment form is a set of fields containing information about the order that is delivered to Yandex.Money. This form's code is embedded in the html-page that the user sees after selecting a payment method.
The payment form's code contains two types of fields:
  • administrative fields whose values are transmitted to the store as a result of integration with Yandex.Money;
  • user fields chosen by the store itself (e.g. order number, payer's first and last name, delivery address).

Test Payments

After the contract is signed, we'll connect your store to a test environment ( and send your technical specialists a sample payment form with all parameters needed to run the tests.
Testing your form:
  1. Open Yandex.Money's demo-website (you'll need to log in using the right username and password) and add money to your demo-account.
  2. Go to your website and open the page with the embedded payment form.
  3. Fill in all the fields as a buyer would do and click ‘Pay’.
We'll send you notifications after every payment. Select the most convenient method for receiving them: via email or HTTPS (to the store's URL). In either case, within 24 hours Yandex.Money will draw up a daily register and send it to the email you specify.
Please note: the email address and URL for notifications may be different for test and working modes.

Switching to Working Mode

You can switch your payment form to working mode if the following two conditions are met:
  • your store successfully received notifications about all test payments;
  • the daily register you received to your email address contains all the necessary details about payments.
If everything works, Yandex.Money's technical specialists will adjust the store's settings in our system and send you all the necessary parameters.
Please note: administrative field values are different for payment forms in test and working modes.