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Adding Money Via Alfa-Click

If you have access to Alfa-Click, you can add money to any Yandex.Money account in an instant and for free.

1. Sign in to Alfa-Click and access your profile.

2. Click ‘Payment for services’ (in the left-hand column of the page).

3. Select ‘E-money’, and then — ‘Yandex.Money’.

4. Opposite the field ‘Yandex.Money account’ select ‘Other’. Under ‘Choose a Yandex.Money account’ enter the number of the account you want to add money to and specify the sum in the field underneath. Click ‘Proceed’.

After doing so, access the Yandex.Money website and check your balance. Record of deposit will be stored in your History.
Please note: if you activate the service ‘Bank Connection’, you won't need to enter your account number every time you add money.