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Restoring Access: Link a Cell Phone

If you don't remember your recovery code and none of the other options is convenient for you, file an application to link a cell phone number to your account.

If you can come to our office

We have offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg.
We have our agents' offices in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and other countries—they accept applications, too.
  1. Download the application form, fill it out, and print it.
  2. Check the hours of operation and address of the nearest office.
  3. Head to our office and bring along your application and passport.
We'll process your request within 10 calendar days and send you a text message code—enter in on our site to confirm your password reset. The link to resetting will appear under your Balance menu.

If you can't come to our office

You can send your application by mail or courier service.
  1. Download the application form, fill it out, and print it.
  2. Photocopy the pages of your passport containing your photo and registered address (if applicable).
  3. Get either the signature on your application or the copy of your passport notarized.
  4. Send your application to the address NBCO Yandex.Money LLC, P.O. Box 57, Moscow, 115035 (115035, г. Москва, а/я 57, ООО НКО ‘Яндекс.Деньги’). Or by courier at our Moscow office: 82 Sadovnicheskaya street, building 2 (Садовническая улица, дом 82, строение 2).
The whole process, including delivery, may take from one to several weeks. When we process your request, you'll receive a text message with a special code. To cancel your old password, enter this code on our website.