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User Statuses

How do I find out my status?
Click your balance at the top of the page to view your current user status.
There are four possible statuses:
  • anonymous account—you only specified the information that we ask users for when they open a Wallet;
  • reviewed account—you entered you full name, the body that issued your passport and the date of issue, and either your INN or SNILS (enter personal information);
  • identified account—you filled out a special application form and submitted it to us (select identification method);
  • professional account—after completing the identification process you also opted to become a ‘Professional’.
How do the statuses differ?
Anonymous users can only keep up to 15,000 rubles on their balance and can only pay at Russian stores, where they can spend no more than 15,000 rubles at a time and 40,000 rubles per month.
Reviewed users can keep up to 60,000 rubles on their balance and pay at any store worldwide spending up to 60,000 rubles at a time.
Identified users can keep up to 500,000 rubles on their balance, pay at any store worldwide and withdraw money from their accounts using any method we offer. Their single withdraw limit is 100,000 rubles and their single payment limit is 250,000 rubles. They can transfer up to 400,000 rubles at a time to other users.
Professionals enjoy special terms for accepting payments: they can settle senders' complaints right on our website.
What is identification?
Identification is a simple process: you fill out an application and show us your passport. That way we know that the Yandex.Money account belongs to a real person, with a first and last name and identifying documents. Of course, we are committed to keeping your personal information strictly confidential.
Why do you need to know my personal information?
We never transfer your personal information to anyone or use it for commercial purposes. Identification only helps us distinguish between trustworthy users and potential scammers. If a person gives us his data, we assume he's got nothing to hide.
Additionally, changes in the law, effective May 16, 2014, have required us to introduce a whole series of restrictions for anonymous users. More details
How often do I have to undergo identification?
Just once. However, after the first time, once a year we might ask you to confirm your information on our site. We need to check in case you changed your passport or other personal information.
Do I need to pay for identification?
Free methods:
  • identification via Sberbank,
  • identification in our offices,
  • copying identification from other Wallet.
You need to pay for sending documents:
  • in the Euroset outlet—50 rubles,
  • in the CONTACT system location—250 rubles (100 rubles of which will be credited to your Wallet),
  • at our agents'—amount depends on the city,
  • at the post office—amount depends on your location.
I have several Wallets. Do I need to complete the identification process for each of them?
No. If you've already completed the identification process for one of your Wallets, you can simply copy your data from one Wallet to another.
We have a special form for this procedure. Simply enter the account number (or login) of the identified Wallet and confirm the identification in your other Wallet. After that, the second Wallet will be identified.
Please note: you can only copy identification data if fewer than ten Wallets are identified under your passport.

Anonymous accounts

Why is it inconvenient to be an anonymous user?
Anonymous users face more restrictions—on transaction types (they can only make payments within the Russian Federation) and on transaction sums (they cannot keep more than 15,000 rubles on their balance or spend more than 15,000 rubles at a time and 60,000 rubles monthly).
Additionally, if something goes wrong, our security service may request that an anonymous user show us a valid form of ID. Meanwhile, all transactions on that user's Wallet will be temporarily suspended.
What limits do anonymous users face?
Anonymous users face are limited by transaction amounts: 15,000 rubles balance limit, 15,000 rubles single payment limit, and 40,000 rubles monthly spending limit. Certain limits only apply to some goods and services. For instance, you cannot transfer more than 5,000 rubles to you mobile phone balance.
They are limited in the geography of their transactions: anonymous users can only pay at Russian stores. Other payments (for example in the App Store or for Skype) will be declined.
And they are limited in the type of transactions they can make. Anonymous users are not allowed to:
  • send money to other users or receive transfers from them;
  • make transfers to bank accounts and cards (even to an Alfa-click account for which the ‘Bank Connection’ service is activated);
  • link a WebMoney Purse.
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What do I need identification for?
If you've completed the identification process:
  • you face a lot fewer restrictions when sending and receiving payments or transfers and when adding money to your account;
  • your status is visible to everyone who sends you money. That means senders will know they can trust you;
  • you can collect donations using any convenient method.
You will be able to pay at any shop worldwide, send and receive transfers as reviewed users do.
Identification is your account's additional protection from scammers. We can legally return stolen money to identified users if:
  • they contact our Support Service within 24 hours of the funds being stolen;
  • a security check confirms that the account was hacked.
Why are those particular limits set on anonymous accounts?
The limits are required by Russian law and, specifically, by federal law No. 161-FZ ‘On the National Payment System’ and No. 115-FZ ‘On Countering the Legalization of Illegal Income (Money Laundering) and the Financing of Terrorism’.

Reviewed accounts

How do I get a reviewed account?
You need to fill out a few fields on our website. The law requires that we ask users to provide:
  • their full name;
  • your passport's series, number, and date of issue;
  • phone number;
  • INN or SNILS.
Why can only Russian citizens get this status?
It is required by Russian laws No.115-FZ and No.161-FZ. If you don't have a Russian passport, the only way to lift all the restrictions is to complete the identification process.
What are the limits for reviewed accounts?
There are limits on transaction sums: 60,000 rubles balance limit, 60,000 rubles single payment limit, and 200,000 rubles monthly spending limit. Some transactions are subject to their own limits. The monthly limit on transfers to other Yandex.Money users is 200,000 rubles.
And there are limits on transaction types: you can't transfer money to bank accounts or link your WebMoney Purse.


How do I become identified?
We provide several methods:
What kind of ID will I need?
Any lawfully valid form of ID will work (see the full list of valid IDs).
Attention: Xerox copies cannot be used for identification.
Can I undergo identification online?
You have two variants:
  • identifying via Sberbank. You can use it if you have a Russian passport and the same phone number specified for Yandex.Money and Sberbank's Mobile Bank. You need to send a text message, then the bank sends your details, that you only need to approve on our site;
  • copying identification from one Wallet to another. You can use it if you have already completed the identification using any method.
How do I complete identification via Sberbank?
It is simple: specify your birth date, wait for a text message from Sberbank and reply to it. The bank will send your identification details within 5 business days. You will need to check it and confirm that everything is correct.
The identification via Sberbank will work if the following cases are fulfilled:
  • you are a Russian citizen
  • your Wallet and your Sberbank's Mobile Bank are linked to one phone number
  • you have Fast Payment Service activated in Sberbank (you did not disable it manually)
  • Sberbank has your up-to-date details sufficient for identification.
How much time does the identification process take?
This depends on the method you choose. The quickest one is an identifying payment in Euroset mobile retail outlet or CONTACT system. The details will appear on our site in just a few minutes.
If you come to our office with an application, its processing will take up to seven business days. If you send a request to Sberabank, the details will come withing five business days.
When identifying by mail, consider the mailing time. It usually takes several weeks. The information processing takes up to 20 business days.