Help / Linking a Phone Number

Linking a Phone Number to Your Account

Can I use a phone number specified for Yandex.Passport?
Yes. If you start a Wallet under your login name on Yandex with a linked phone number, this number is applied automatically. You only need to confirm it.
Can I specify my landline phone number?
No. This number is used for sending text message passwords and notifications about operations. Landline won't do.
Can I link one cell phone number to several accounts?
Yes, you can link one number with up to ten Wallets.
How do I add money to my account by a mobile phone number?
The same way as by the Wallet number. This methods only works for some ATMs and payment kiosks. For instance, QIWI or MTS will do. They have a notice that you can provide phone number near ‘Wallet number’ field. Choose location
Please note: if the phone number is linked to several Wallets, money will be credited to the one linked last.
My phone number was issued in other country than Russia. What should I do?
When starting a Wallet, specify your active phone number—you can use a phone number issued outside of Russia. We will send text message confirmations to this number. Then you can immediately switch to passwords in the app. That way it will be easier.
I did no receive a text message with a recovery code. What should I do?
Requests to recover a payment password are processed during business hours. If it's been more than 24 hours since you sent your request and you still haven’t received a message, call our Support Service at: +7 495 974‑35‑86.
How do I cancel text message notifications?
You can activate, disable, or extend services under your account Settings.