How to Start Using Yandex.Money

It’s super easy—you can pay and transfer money without registration. Or else you can open a Wallet and enjoy all benefits of being a Yandex.Money user.

Pay and transfer money instantly

If you have a bank card, you can use our service to pay your home utilities, phone bills, internet service, or traffic fines. Also you can transfer money between cards.

Open a Wallet

Having it opened you will be able to keep track of your payment history, set up payment reminders and autopayments, and get presents. You will also be able to pay and transfer money without using a bank card. And if you have a card, you can link it to your Wallet and pay with it without specifying its details all the time.
Each Wallet in our service is linked to a certain Yandex account.
If you already have an account (e.g. at Yandex.Mail), simply enter your username and password on the Yandex.Money website.
If you don’t have a login, you need to create a username and password. Or sign in with a social network.
Enter your phone number when opening a Wallet. You will receive text message passwords for confirming operations to this number. Later, you'll be able to switch to a different security method: passwords from our mobile app.
Do not share your passwords with anybody. If you've lost your phone or code chart, inform our Support Service, so they can prevent strangers from getting access to your account.

Add Money to Your Account

Choose the most convenient method of adding money to your account: cash, bank card, e-money.
You can pay without adding money to your Wallet. Just link one or several bank cards to your account. Money will be debited directly from your card. You won't have to enter its details every time. No additional commission is charged for such payments.

Get Shopping

You can pay for thousands of goods and services: cell phone service, Skype, online games, Internet service, travel tickets, books, and gifts.
To pay at online stores that don't accept Yandex.Money yet, you can issue a virtual bank card for free.
To pay at offline stores such as supermarkets, cafés, and restaurants, you can issue a Yandex.Money MasterCard bank card.

Transfer money to your friends, relatives, and business partners

You can transfer money to other people and receive transfers from them. 0.5% commission is charged on transfers to other Wallets. 3% + 15 rubles commission is charged on transfers to bank cards or bank accounts.