Bills, Taxes, and Fines

On our website, you can find unpaid GIBDD traffic police fines, pay taxes, or send a transfer to any legal entity in Russia by the details from your invoice.


You can make a payment to any organization, from a rotary club to a preschool.
  1. Specify the recipient's INN (tax identification number). If we have it in our database, you won't need to enter the recipient's remaining details. We'll fill them in automatically.
  2. Enter the payer's information (full name and address).
  3. Select the category (e.g. ‘Education’ or ‘State fees’) and specify the payment details.
Please note: if some important information is absent from the ‘Payment Details’ field, the bank will decline your payment. So make sure you enter all the details: name of the good or service, account number, payment period, etc. For example: ‘Payment for parking place No.64 located at: Moscow, 10 ul. Ordzhonikidze, by J. J. Smith for October 2014’.
You can pay from your Yandex.Money Wallet, using any Visa or MasterCard (even if it's not linked to your account), or in cash. Commission is 2% of the amount, but no less than 30 rubles. If you are logged in when you complete the payment, we'll save a record of the payment and the receipt with the bank's seal in your History. If you're not logged in, we'll send information about the payment to your email address.
Money will be credited to the recipient's account within 2-3 business days.


Via Yandex.Money, you can pay a fine by the ordinance number or check whether you have outstanding fines.
  • Payment by ordinance: specify its number; our service will find all details required for paying.
  • Check for debts: specify your driver's license number or vehicle registration certificate number to see whether you have any fines to be paid for these documents. You can pay them right away and even activate notifications to receive an email (or a text message, if needed) if a new fine appears.
Payment methods: bank card, Yandex.Money Wallet, or cash. You will get the receipt by email or have it saved to your Wallet.
Information about the payment will immediately be sent to the state information system (GIS GMP) and further to GIBDD. Usually, it takes about a day.
The commission is 1%, but no less than 30 rubles.


On our site, you can pay individuals and sole proprietors' taxes.
Your taxes can be checked by INN or index of the document (bill).
  • If searching by INN, we will only be able to show the outstanding taxes to which interests are being added.
  • This document's index is used for checking for this year's charges: the ones which payment terms are not expire. The document's index is on the paper tax bill.
If we find any debts or outstanding GIBDD traffic fines, you can pay them right away.
Sole proprietor's taxes can be paid by the details from the paper tax bill.
Сommission free.
Our standard single-payment limits apply, irrespective of the payment method:
  • 15,000 rubles for anonymous users;
  • 60,000 rubles for reviewed users;
  • 100,000 rubles for identified users.
For payments from a linked bank card, daily limits apply:
  • 20,000 rubles for anonymous and reviewed users;
  • 40,000 rubles for identified users.
Monthly limits don't depend on the user's status: you can spend up to 500,000 rubles from your Yandex.Money account and 100,000 rubles from your linked bank card.