How to Receive a Transfer

As a rule, you do not need to do anything. Money are credited to your Wallet of card immediately. Excepting where you are anonymous user, or the transfer is protected with a security code.

Transfer to an anonymous Wallet

To accept transfer, you need to specify you personal details once. This required by law. If you have a Russian passport, spend a couple of minutes specifying your details on our site. You will get the transfer and upgrade your status to a reviewed user: this will allow you to keep up to 60,000 rubles on your Wallet, make transfers, and accept money.
If you do not have a Russian passport, you won't be able to change your user status online. In this case, you need to complete identification in our office, in mobile retail outlets, or using other method. That done, you will gain the widest variety of features: for instance, you will be able to keep in your Wallet and spend at a time up to 500,000 rubles.

Transfers with a Security Code

To collect the transfer, you need to specify the code. Until then, money will be pending under your History. Only the sender can tell you the code.
Please be careful when entering the code. If you make three mistakes in a row, the transfer will be returned to the sender. The same will happen, if you do not specify the code before it expires.
Common Questions: