Site (Web-interface)

The site, or web-interface, that you are currently on is the main tool for working with Yandex.Money.
All of the service’s functions are available on the Yandex.Money site. Here you can:
  • Open a Wallet;
  • Choose a convenient method for adding money;
  • Find the good or service you need in the store catalog and pay for it;
  • Send and receive transfers, including with a security code;
  • Review your History and edit your Favorites;
  • If necessary, withdraw money from the service.
Additionally, in your Settings you can activate extra services and options that make working with Yandex.Money even simpler and more secure:
  • Link a bank card to your Wallet to make payments without adding money to your account;
  • Link a cell phone to your account;
  • Activate notifications about transactions;
  • Change your payment password or switch from a permanent payment password to one-time passwords;
  • And other options.
You can also choose a picture for the full version of the Yandex.Money site. It will be visible to everyone who sends you transfers and receives them from you. Upload a picture under your Settings and your picture will appear on transfer forms, in payment details, and under other users’ Favorites (if they’ve added your payments to their Favorites).
Please note: the size of the image may not exceed 5 MB.
Common Questions: