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Linking Bank Cards for Payments

Linking a bank card will allow you to make payments and transfers straight from your bank card without having to add money to your account. You won't need to re-enter your card's details for every transaction. Enter the details once, when linking the card, and we'll save them for later use.
There's no additional commission on payments from the card. A record of each transaction is saved in your payment history.
You can link up to five cards to your account. You can use any Visa (including Visa Electron) or MasterCard (including MasterCard Maestro) issued in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan.

How to link a card

We will ask you to enter the card details, then specify a password (your bank is to send or issue it to you). To check the card, we will add 1 ruble to your Wallet with it. For this, service commission is 1 kopek.
If linking with one-time password won't work, you can try again: we will offer you to learn the test amount at your bank. Maximum—10 rubles. Your bank will reserve it on your card for this check.

How to pay with your card

You can choose to pay from a bank card on the payment confirmation page. If you have several cards linked to your account, we'll show you all of them in a list. After you select a card, you'll need to enter the CVC/CVV and your password on our site or on the bank's site (if your card is protected by 3-D Secure technology).
Please note: all your linked bank cards share a single limit. This means no matter how many cards you use, you can spend up to the following totals:
  • 20,000 rubles a day if you haven't completed the identification process yet;
  • 40,000 rubles a day if you're an identified user.
The general monthly limit is 100,000 rubles.
Если привязанных карт несколько, суточный и месячный лимит действуют для всех, а не для каждой по отдельности.
Лимиты для карт «Мир» другие: с одной карты можно платить максимум 5000 рублей за один раз (и в сутки), 15 000 рублей в месяц.

How to change settings

You can access your linked card settings from your Wallet's drop-down menu. Click on your balance to open.
On the page that opens you can:
  • add new cards and delete old ones;
  • edit the names of your cards—we'll show the names instead of numbers;
  • choose a card to be primary—this is the card that we'll charge when you activate an autopayment.