Code Charts

A code chart is a jpg-file with a checkerboard chart. Each cell contains a code consisting of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet. To confirm an operation, you'll be prompted to create a password from these codes.
Please note: code charts can no longer be issued on the site. If you already have an activated chart, you may use it.

How to Use Your Code Chart

Print out the chart and carry it with you. To confirm payments or other operations, you'll need to enter codes from three of the cells on the site.
Each time you confirm a transaction, the service shows you when your chart expires and how many more times you can use it. Originally, the chart is valid for 460 days (from the day of activation) and for 55 uses.
The code chart expires 460 days after activation. However, you will have 90 days in order to switch to another method of receiving passwords. If you don't do that in time, you'll have to restore access to your Wallet.
If you've used the chart 53 times, save the last two combinations of codes. You'll need them in order to confirm switching to another method of receiving passwords. If you've used up all the combinations, you'll have to restore access to your Wallet.

Security Measures

The important thing is to keep your code chart away from strangers. Don't keep it on your computer or change the original file name to a more obvious one.
But even if a scammer gets access to your code chart, he won't be able to use your Wallet without knowing your Yandex login and password (this is why you shouldn't keep them in the same place as your code chart).
Another hint: issue emergency codes. You can use them to confirm any transactions. Plus, emergency codes let you easily restore access to your Wallet if you lose your code chart or it expires.