An e-token is a plastic card that generates one-time passwords. E-tokens operate on a battery (which lasts about 4 years).
When you press the button, a password appears on the screen.
Tokens aren't being sold as of 18 June 2013. If you bought your e-token earlier or received it at our office, you can activate it. To do this, you'll need to enter a current payment password (permanent or one-time).

Security Measures

One-time passwords are your Wallet's most reliable protection, but even those using them need to observe general security rules. First, don't keep your Yandex account details and your e-token in the same place. Second, get emergency codes. They'll help you out if you lose your token or it stops working. With emergency codes you'll be able to select a new security method (from the mobile app or text messages), confirm the switch, and get back to using your Wallet as usual. Otherwise, you'll have to restore access to your Wallet by filing out an application for recovery.
Common Questions: