Transfer to Another Electronic Payment Service

Linked WebMoney Purse

If you have a WebMoney Purse linked to your Yandex.Money account, you can instantly transfer money to and from it. A 4.5% commission will be charged on the amount of the transfer.

Visa QIWI Wallet

You cannot make a direct transfer from Yandex.Money to Qiwi. You need to withdraw money from your Wallet (in cash or transfer to a card) and then add it to a Qiwi account via payment kiosks.
To add money to your Wallet via Qiwi, type ‘Yandex’ on site or in the mobile app. The commission is 3%. Money will be credited instantly.
На сайте Яндекс.Денег: найдите Пополнение кошелька QIWI в каталоге товаров и услуг, раздел «Онлайн-сервисы».
На сайте QIWI: наберите в поиске Яндекс.Деньги и выберите первый результат.
To avoid paying commission for transfers, spend the money directly from your Wallet or using a Yandex.Money virtual card.
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