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Completing the Identification Process: Paying at Euroset

Russian citizens can complete the identification process at any Euroset location.
Если вы гражданин другой страны, приготовьте
несколько документов
  1. Паспорт
  2. Если паспорт не на русском языке — нотариально заверенный перевод
  3. Виза или другой документ, по которому вы находитесь в России
  4. Миграционная карта (всем, кроме граждан Беларуси)
  1. Write down your Wallet number (or install our mobile app).
  2. Take your application and passport and head to the nearest store.
  3. Tell the operator you want to pay for Yandex.Money identification (50 rubles).
  4. Show your passport and tell your Wallet account. The cashier will enter your details and print the preliminary receipt.
  5. Carefully review your information and account number as they appear on the receipt. If you find a mistake, ask the operator to change the information. If everything is correct, sign the receipt.
  6. Wait a few minutes while the information is sent to us. After that, the operator will tell you if everything worked.
  7. Click on your balance on our website and open the link for identification confirmation.
  8. Carefully review your information. If everything is correct, enter a password. If you find a mistake, write to our Support Service (select ‘Identification’ as the subject).
This method is for
  • Russian citizens;
  • the wallet owner—paying for someone else
    is not allowed.
You pay
50 rubles, 1 of which will be credited
to your account (this is a test