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Payment in Cash

You can make a payment in cash on Yandex.Money's Local Payments service by visiting a mobile retailer or payment kiosk from our list. To do this, you need to take along the payment code. We'll send it to you in a text message to the phone number you specify.
There's no commission on cash payments.
The maximum payment amount is 15,000 rubles. Some mobile retail outlets and payment kiosks may set lower limits.

Paying at Mobile Retailers

After receiving a text message with the code, you can head to the nearest Euroset or Svyaznoy store.
First, you'll need to give the shop assistant the information from the text message (i.e. payment through Yandex, payment code, total). After that:
  1. The shop assistant will print a bill. Check that the information is correct.
  2. If it is, give the assistant your cash.
  3. Take your receipt and keep it for your records.
The payment is processed immediately.

Paying at Kiosks

Different kiosks have different interfaces. The important thing is to find the button ‘Yandex’. It is most often found under sections ‘Electronic money’ or ‘Payment systems’.
  1. Click on ‘Yandex’.
  2. Enter the payment code in the field ‘Account number’.
  3. Insert your cash and take the receipt.
If you can't insert the exact amount into the kiosk (they usually don't accept coins), we'll send any change to your cell phone balance. The maximum change is 1,000 rubles.
If you were logged in when you received the payment code, the unused amount will remain on your Yandex.Money account after the payment is processed.

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