Help / Regular Payments


There are things that you need to pay for regularly, like Internet or phone service. Activate autopayments, and you won't have to do it anymore. Money will be credited right on time. The only thing you need to do is track if everything is all right.

Cost of the service

It's free. You only pay the amount you've specified and the supplier's commission (if present—you can check it during the payment). If the supplier changes the commission amount, you will get notification on that in advance. In this case, your autopayment will not be canceled automatically.

Activating autopayment

In the course of the next payment your will see ‘Autopayments and Reminders’ section. Enable autopayments, specify the amount and the date of payment. That's it! Complete the payment. Our service will make all future payments for your.
You can only activate autopayment when paying for a particular service. In this case, the amount of the autopayment you are activating cannot exceed your current payment. This is the bank's limitation.

Debiting process

Yandex.Money remembers the successful payment during which the service was activated. Our service will repeat the payment on the due date. Just as if you repeat payment manually in your History.
Amount of the autopayment will be debited from your Yandex.Money account. If you don't have enough money on it, the amount will be debited from your card (if the card is linked to your Wallet).

Tracking autopayment

During the whole period when autopayments are active, you know what is going on. Before each debit, you receive text message and email notifications saying the payment is successful. You will have enough time to check whether you have enough money in your Wallet or on your linked card. Or time to view your Settings and cancel autopayments.
All information will be saved in your History. You can confirm the services are paid for at any time.

Adjusting autopayment

The list of all activated autopayments is in your Settings. You can change autopayment's name or disable it, if you don't need it any more.

Card security

If you confirm all online payments made with your bank card by entering special password from your bank (3-D Secure), autopayments will continue to function. Some banks may forbid automatic debits—in this case you can link another card and activate autopayments for it.