Terms of Use for the Service
Fundraising Page

1. General Provisions

1.1. NBCO Yandex.Money LLC (hereinafter—‘NBCO’) offers using the Fundraising Page service posted at http://yasobe.ru/ (hereinafter—‘Service’) to an internet user (hereinafter—‘User’).

1.2. Starting using the Service, the User is deemed to have accepted these Terms of Use in its entirety without reservation. If the User disagrees with the Terms of Use, such User has no right to use the Service.

1.3. Current version of the Terms of Use is posted on: https://money.yandex.ru/doc.xml?id=526810 and available for reading it through before accepting these Terms of Use.


2. Use of the Service

2.1. The NBCO allows the User to use the Service for creating a webpage for fundraising purposes under the http://yasobe.ru/ domain, which is used for accepting money for the purposes and for the period determined by the User (hereinafter—‘Page’). The Page is created and functions under the Service's web interface.

2.2. Only the persons who started a Yandex.Money e-wallet as stipulated by the Agreement on Making Funds Transfers Using the Yandex.Money Service posted on the NBCO's site https://money.yandex.ru/page?id=522764 may use the Service.

2.3. The User is not entitled to transmit his or her rights and/or obligations arising from these Terms of Use to the third parties for a fee or for free.

2.4. These Terms of Use set forth rights and obligations of the NBCO and the User only concerning creating and utilizing the Page. Relationships between the NBCO and the User resulting from performance and acceptance of transfers including the ones made via the Page are stipulated by:

other agreements entered into between the User and the NBCO.


3. User's Content

3.1. The User solely determines how to use the Service and is liable to the third parties for his or her actions related to the use of the Service including the actions violating rights and lawful interest of the third parties as well as for compliance to the law when using the Service.

3.2. When using the Service, the User is not entitled for the following:
3.2.1. upload, send, transmit or post and/or spread using any other method contents that are illegal, malicious, slanderous, that injure morality, demonstrate (or advocate) violence, violate intellectual property rights, advocate hatred and/or discrimination of people on the basis of racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, or social features, contain insults to any person or company, contain elements (or advocate) pornography or children's erotic, advertise (or advocate) sexual services (including the ones disguised as other services), explain how to produce or use drugs, explosives, or other weapon
3.2.2. violate rights of the third parties and/or inflict harm on them in any form
3.2.3. impersonate another person or representative without being entitled to, including the NBCO's employees, use other forms and methods of unlawful representation of other persons in the web, and confuse the NBCO or other users concerning any features of any objects or subject
3.2.4. upload, send, transmit or post and/or spread using any other method contents without copyrights under legislation or any contractual arrangements
3.2.5. upload, send, transmit or post and/or spread using any other method advertisement information without a special agreement, spam (including in the search), lists of other person's emails, Ponzi schemes, multilevel marketing (MLM), online income schemes and email businesses, and email chain letters, and to use the NBCO's Service for participating in these types of activity
3.2.6. upload, send, transmit or post and/or spread using any other method any materials containing viruses or other code, files, or software aimed at disrupting, destructing, or restricting of functionality of any computer, telecommunicating equipment, or software and at gaining unauthorized access; and upload, send, transmit or post and/or spread using any other method serial numbers of commercial software products, software for generating them, login names, passwords, and other means of unauthorized access to paid internet services; as well as to upload links to the abovementioned information
3.2.7. collect and store other persons' private information without authorization
3.2.8. disrupt operation of the NBCO's sites and services
3.2.9. assist in actions aimed at violation of restrictions and prohibitions imposed by contracts entered into between the NBCO and the Users/third parties
3.2.10. violate legislation, including international law, in any other way.

3.3. The User agrees that the NBCO has no obligation to look through any content posted and/or spread by the User via the Service and that the NBCO is entitled (but not obliged) to forbid the User from posting and/or spreading a content or to delete any content that can be accessed via the Service at its sole discretion. The User is aware of and agrees with independent assessing all risks of using a content, including its reliability, integrity, and relevance.

3.4. The User is aware of and agrees that:

  • the Service's operation technology may require the NBCO to copy (reproduce, temporarily record in computer's memory) the User's content and process it in order to keep it in conformity with technical qualifications of a service;

  • by uploading content (including content containing a person's likeness), User agrees to its publication and further use on the Page within the period of its functioning, and guarantees such agreement from any other persons whose likeness might be contained in such content.


4. Restrictions on Use of the Service

4.1. The NBCO is entitled to forbid access to the Page created by the User, delete it, and transmit the User's details entered when providing the Service to the third parties in the following cases:
4.1.1. if the government places such obligation upon the NBCO
4.1.2. if the NBCO receives a claim, demand, request, or any other application from the third party stating that the User's use of the Service violated legislation
4.1.3. the User's activity threatens the Services normal functioning
4.1.4. if the User violates obligations undertaken by these Terms of Use of other contracts entered into between the User and the NBCO or Russian laws.

4.2. The NBCO reserves the right to restrain access to the Service (or to certain features of the Service, if technologically possible) for the User via the User's account or block such access at full in case of multiple violation of the Terms of Use or documents they refer to.

4.3. The NBCO reserves the right to set any rules, limits, and restrictions (technical, legal, organizational, or other) on use of the Service and can adjust them at its own discretion. If not forbidden by law, the said rules, limits, and restrictions may be different for different types of Users.


5. Entering into, Amending and Terminating the Contract on the Use of the Service

5.1. These terms and conditions are a public offer addressed to individuals of fourteen years old or more on entering into the contract for use of the Service under the conditions provided in the Terms of Use. The contract on use of the Service is entered into through acceptance of the User's offer on the NBCO's site http://yasobe.ru/

5.2. Amendments to the contract on use of the Service are made when the User accepts the corresponding NBCO's offer, addressed to the User via its posting on the page of the NBCO's site https://money.yandex.ru/doc.xml?id=526810. If the User declines the NBCO's offer, the User undertakes to cancel the contract on use of the Service unilaterally within one calendar day by deleting the Page. Otherwise, it is deemed that the User have accepted the NBCO's offer on amending the contract on use of the Service.

5.3. The User is entitled to cancel the contract on use of the Service wherever thinks fit by deleting the Page.


Publication date: 2 April 2018

Previous version dated 16 August 2017