Как собирать Яндекс.Деньги на хорошие дела


First step

To receive Yandex.Money you need to open a Wallet. This won't take more than a minute of your time.
With a Wallet, you will get an account number. To view it, click the balance at the top of the page. You can post this number on the Internet (for instance, on your website or on social networks). Yandex.Money users will be able to send you instant transfers. Others will be able to add money to your account by cash or card.
We recommend watching our videos to learn how to raise money successfully.
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Receiving payments to your Wallet: forms and buttons

You can receive both Yandex.Money and transfers from cards (from users without a Wallet).
We have a special construction kit for creating a receiver form. It just takes a couple of minutes to create a form to start accepting payments. Select what fields to include and what text should appear on the submit button, and we'll generate the code. Then paste it to a page of your site or blog.
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Campaign on Facebook or VK

If you don't have an account on any social network yet, it's time to create one. You will be able to raise money from your friends and followers.
For fundraisers we've made a special app—‘Fundraiser’. With this app, you can launch any campaign. Post the reason you're collecting money and add photos and a link to your website. Try making your campaign as interesting as possible. And then post it and tell the world about it.
Launch a campaign on Facebook or VK
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Transfers from users without a Wallet

Raising funds on Yandex.Money is also convenient because we don't limit your audience. Even users without Wallets can help you out.
It is easy. Tell people your account number and explain how they can pay. For example:
You can also accept transfers during events or in any other situations. You just need a smartphone and a special card reader.
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Advertising for your campaign

Friends can be your most valuable resource. Ask them to spread the word about your campaign and you'll raise a lot more.
Use various channels for distributing information: from word-of-mouth to email newsletters. Pass around special leaflets to kindred spirits. We've already made a template. You simply need to fill in your project's name and Yandex.Money account number.
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After you raise funds

You have several options to choose from
First, you can withdraw money from your account. For instance, transfer it to a bank card or withdraw it in cash via funds transfer systems.
Second, you can buy whatever you need online right away. Our catalog offers thousands of goods and services.
Third, we offer a free Yandex.Money MasterCard. Issue a card to withdraw cash at ATMs or spend money at stores worldwide.
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If you haven't showed us your passport yet, we recommend you do so. You will face fewer restrictions and have more options. Additionally, we recommend you protect your account with one-time passwords.
Charity funds can receive Yandex.Money to their checking accounts.