Инструменты для интернет-проектов

Start receiving money from any users on the ‘Runet’. Transfers will be credited to your Yandex.Money account instantly.
Don't forget to free up space in your Wallet, if it is overflowing. Otherwise new transfers from other Wallets and linked bank cards will be put to pending deposits for 7 days and then returned to their senders. You can keep up to 15,000 rubles on an anonymous account, up to 60,000 on a reviewed account, and up to 500,000 rubles on an identified account.
Invoicing by Email
If you don't have your own website to post a payment form on, send the form or button by email. Enter the necessary information on our site and an email message with a payment button will be sent to your client's email automatically.
Balance Widget
A balance widget shows changes in a Wallet's balance in real time mode. The widget can be useful for charity campaigns and other fundraising projects. Post the widget on your site so everyone can see how much has been raised so far and how much you have to go to reach your goal.
Ready-To-Go Payment Modules
Some CMSs include ready-made payment modules that allow you to accept money to a Wallet. If you use such a system for your site, just activate or set up the module. Setup will vary by CMS. Find the one you use in the list:
Useful links
Collected money may be: