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Yandex.Money API

Yandex.Money API (application programming interface) is a free tool for developing various payment features for users' convenience. For example, you can:
  • incorporate fast and easy Yandex.Money checkout into your e-business process or interface (website, mobile version, iPhone or Android apps, etc.);
  • enable regular scheduled payments or those that do not require user confirmation;
  • show users their Yandex.Money account balance, and generate tips and payment advice notes based on the history of payments.
For more details, please take a look at the Yandex.Money API presentation (PDF, 725 KB).
Whether your Yandex.Money API-based product gains recognition will only depend on how well it satisfies user demand. The smarter solution you create, the more popular it will become. An effective Yandex.Money API-based approach will help your encourage more frequent and regular payments.
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