WebMoney Purse Linking

Why do I need this link?
It will allow you to transfer e-funds from WebMoney to Yandex.Money and back with a 4.5% commission.
How fast is money credited?
It usually takes several minutes. But sometimes transfers are delayed. Don’t worry. It will either be delivered eventually or returned to your account.
If the money is not deposited after a long time, contact our Support Service.
How do I cancel the link?
Go to this page and click ‘Cancel Link’.
You can re-link your wallet to your Purse at any time (to do this, you’ll have to re-start the process from WebMoney’s system interface).

How to Link a WebMoney Purse

I sent a request from the WebMoney site and opened the Yandex.Money site, but I don’t see an invitation to confirm the link. What do I do?
First, check that you are logged in to the right account (the account you want to link your WebMoney Purse to). Then wait a few minutes: information from WebMoney’s system is not instantly delivered to Yandex.Money.
If the invitation never appears, contact our Support Service.
Where do I find the verification number I need to confirm the link?
You received it when you sent a request on the WebMoney site. You can find this number in your personal account (section ‘Messages’).

Terms and Conditions of Linking

What types of WebMoney purses can be linked to my Yandex.Money account?
You can only link your Purse if it is in rubles. You also need to have a confirmed formal passport in the WebMoney service.
Is linking possible if my Yandex.Money account is anonymous and my WebMoney passport is an alias?
Unfortunately, no. You need to undergo identification at Yandex.Money and receive a WebMoney passport of no less than formal with confirmed passport information (if you are a citizen of the Russian Federation you’ll need to have verified your tax identification number (INN) and passport information). Additionally, your information should match in both services.

Limits and Commissions

How much does linking cost and what commission is charged for transfers?
Linking your WebMoney Purse to your Yandex.Money account is free. There is a 4.5% commission on each transfer.
Is there a limit on how much money I can transfer from my Yandex.Money account to WebMoney Purse?
Yes. You may transfer no more than 15,000 rubles at a time and 300,000 rubles a day. The minimum amount you can transfer is 10 rubles.
How do I know if I’ve reached my limit on transfers?
If you've reached your limit, you'll see an error message when trying to transfer money.


I heard that WebMoney can be transferred to Yandex.Money accounts without linking accounts and for a lesser commission. If that’s the case, why should I link my accounts?
No exchange point or private user has the right to offer this service. By accepting such an offer you are breaking the rules of both services. Furthermore, you may become a victim of fraud. Often such services will fail to deliver your money.
Be careful and don't accept suspicious offers.
I received a request for link confirmation, but I don’t understand why. I didn’t request to link my WebMoney Purse to my Yandex.Money account. What do I do?
Someone else might have entered your Yandex.Money account number by accident when requesting a link from WebMoney’s system interface. It was probably just a typo. Click ‘Don’t link my Purse’ and the link won’t be completed.