Tools for accepting payments

Choose the tool you like for accepting payments online:
for charity, your private project, and present to your friend.

Payer's commission is 0.5% for payments from a Wallet and 2% for payments with a bank card.

for fundraising

Create a page
in a minute's time and raise money
for presents and projects.

Create a page

Payment form for our site

Copy the form and you will be able to get payments on your site or blog.

Construct a form

Email with payment button

Issue invoices
to anybode
via email.


For corporations

All popular payment methods, CMS modules,
money—to a bank account.
Onboarding in one day.

Tarifs and conditions

Special version:
payer's commission:
3% (minimum 30 Р),
without contract.
May be used by state companies
or sites that provide payments for home utilities.

Solutions for charity.