For a login on Yandex we have a stand-alone instruction.

To fix issues with your password, visit access restore page.

If you registered via a social network, contact our Support Service. Specify your full name, mobile phone number used for registration, your Wallet number, and the date of the last operation (if you remember them).

You can restore payment password via text messages, if you have a phone number linked to your account. If you don't have one, use a recovery code or file an application for linking a phone number.


Most commonly the Wallet is blocked, if something suspicious has happened. In that case our security service needs to make sure the Wallet is used by its proper owner. Our service messages will appear in the course of the payment, on our homepage, and in your email.

If your Wallet is blocked without reasoning, contact our Support Service.


First scenario: you are trying to transfer money from your Wallet to another one or make other operation forbidden for users with your status by legislation (anonymous or reviewed). After identification all restrictions will be removed. More about statuses

Second scenario: something suspicious is happening to your Wallet. In this case our Security Service temporary blocks access to the Wallet until we make sure it is solely used by the owner. If you did not get any instructions, contact our Support Service.


Free methods:

Paid methods:


To a Yandex.Money Wallet—from your Wallet (the commission is 0.5%) or with a bank card (the commission is 1%).

To a bank card—from your Wallet (the commission is 3% + 45 rubles) or with a bank card (the commission depends on whether you have a Wallet).

Nuance: to make transfers from your Wallet and receive money to it, you need to provide your personal information.

Identified user can transfer money to bank accounts via Western Union.

All methods of transferring


— Withdraw it at any ATM using Yandex.Money card.
— Transfer money to a bank account and collect it at the bank.
— Collect money at any Western Union location.
— Withdraw at the RIB counter in Moscow.

These and other ways to withdraw money


The simplest way is to transfer money from a bank card. The commission is 1%.

If you have access to Sberbank Online, Alfa-Click, or other online banks, you can add money to your account in the comfort of your home without commission or with a little charge (depending on the bank).

You can also add money to your account in Euroset or Svyaznoy mobile retail outlets and in Sberbank's ATMs using any bank card.

All methods of adding

Nearest location


Linking bank card allows you paying directly from this card on any sites accepting Yandex.Money. In this case the payment is performed via your Wallet, and you don't need to specify the card's details on the store's website.

Payment process looks usual. When confirming payment, you need to choose what to debit: your Wallet or your linked bank card.

More about linked bank card


Write or call our Support Service right now. We will temporary block your Wallet and start looking into the problem.

If an identified user reports theft within 24 hours, we will return your money. Though the check should prove it was a hack attack, and you did not give your password or emergency code to fraudsters.

Protecting your Wallet


Double check, if you have up-to-date phone number specified under your account Settings.

Sometimes text messages may be miscarried due to mobile operator's technical issues. In this case we will notify you on that on the payment confirmation page.

If you clicked "Get new password", but the text message did not come in 7 minutes, use emergency codes. More about emergency codes

Please note: do not tell text message passwords and emergency codes to anybody. Yandex.Money employees will never ask you for a password or a code.


Contact our Support Service right away. Someone else has probably gained access to your Wallet.

Please note: do not tell text message passwords and emergency codes to anybody. Yandex.Money employees will never ask you for a password or a code.


This is a supplement to your Yandex.Money Wallet. The card's and the Wallet's balance are one and the same, yet the card allows you to pay at any store: even at the stores that do not accept Yandex.Money.

We issue two types of cards:

  1. Virtual card is for free—you can use it for paying on any sites.

  2. Plastic card is in two variants: you can order one on our site (300 rubles, with your name on it) and get one in our office (100 rubles, without a name). With this card you can pay at any stores and withdraw cash via ATMs of any bank.

To ‘Bank cards’ section


If the service knows your email address, you will instantly get a receipt proving we have accepted your payment.

If you've paid a fee or tax, payment order from the bank will appear under the payment details within two business days. This document confirms your money was credited to the recipient's account.

If you need a receipt with the bank's seal on it, you can ask our Support Service for it. Copy the date and number of the transaction from your payment details and paste them into your message.


To a Wallet

Any identified user can accept payments to the Wallet. Possible options:

  • share a link to your fundraising page (push your balance to see it in the drop-down menu),

  • paste a ready-made payment form or button on your site,

  • create your page on yasobe.ru.


to a bank account

Only corporations and sole proprietors can accept payments to their bank accounts. You have two options.

Yandex.Billing—a payment form for sites: you can add five goods in it and accept payments from bank cards and Yandex.Money Wallets. You do not need to enter into a contract; a one-time license duty instead of commission charges: 3,000 rubles for 100 payments jointly amounting up to 100,000 rubles.

Yandex.Checkout—a payment solution that allows you to adopt up to 12 payment methods: bank cards, e-wallets, cash, online banking, and other. You need a contract to implement it. Each successful payment applies commission fee. Without any limitations on the payment quantity or its turnover.


Most commonly restrictions depend on your status. For instance, anonymous user can pay up to 15,000 rubles at a time, and reviewed user can pay up to 60,000 rubles at a time.

Some goods and services are applied individual limits. For instance, you can spend up to 5,000 rubles a day for mobile servicing.


— You can add money to your phone account, pay for house utilities, buy games, and many other. All of these with a bank card or sometimes in cash.
— You can add money to your Wallet with a bank card.
— You can make transfers from card to card.


You can find all answers under our Help section.

If you need a quick solution,
contact our Support Service.