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Отправляйтесь в «Манилэндию»

Участвуйте в чат–квесте Яндекс.Денег, в котором можно выиграть до 3 000 баллов. 1 балл = 1 рубль. Срок акции: с 11.11.2019 по 31.12.2020 (мск).

Yandex Money card

Add money without commission, make payments in one touch, change the PIN code in the app with the Yandex.Money card

Yandex.Money card with cashback


В категориях месяца.

Transfers and cash without commission

Up to 10,000 ₽ per month after you've confirmed your identity once (complete the identification process).

199 ₽ за три года

You pay once, during the order.

Multicurrency cards package

To spend currency from any Yandex.Money card.

Order a card

Whether you avoid paying online: what if the delivery goes wrong

Wallet protects the customer

Now you can make purchases at online stores:

1. Find the Yandex.Money Protection logo

2. Pay from the wallet or the linked card

3. Wait for the delivery

If the store delivers something you did not order or nothing at all (and will not fix the mistake), we will return you the money.

Create a wallet

You are willing to raise money for a joint gift or any charity project

Wallet will come in handy for fundraising

For instance, it helps if you want to raise money for a present or accept payments in your blog. Anyone can pay you from a card or e-wallet. The money will be credited to your Yandex.Money account.

Just pick one of our convenient tools for that.

Fundraising page

To accept money for yourself page

To raise money for a common goal

Forms and buttons

To accept payments on your site or in your blog

Create a wallet

Regular payments and purchases for entertainment: all on the same website

Wallet for instant payments

Pay for mobile services, Internet, utilities, or let us take care of that by enabling autopayments.

Create a wallet

You dream of making payments via mobile

Mobile wallet

Internet and mobile services, utility bills, and transfers—in our app for payments.

Get a link:


The most important information about the wallet

Dozens of ways to add money to your Wallet—with commission and without one

We support withdrawing cash via ATMs, transferring money through Western Union and Unistream

Pay with us online and at offline stores (using our card)

Convenient tools for accepting payments and raising money

Create a wallet