Adding Money: Transfer from Another Service

You can convert other electronic currencies into Yandex.Money or take out a microloan without leaving the house. Please pay attention to commission rates: each service imposes its own commission.

WebMoney Purse Linking

After linking is complete, you can instantly add money to your Yandex.Money account from your WebMoney Purse opened in rubles.
Commission is 4.5% of the amount to be transferred. The daily limit is 15,000 rubles.

Adding money from a mobile phone balance

You can add money to your Wallet from a mobile phone linked to it. This service works for Beeline, MegaFon, MTS, and Tele2 subscribers.
Commissions and limits depend on the operator.
Charges 7.95% of the amount + 10 rubles.
Minimum amount for adding is 100 rubles. Maximum amount:
— 14,000 rubles at a time;
— 30,000 rubles a month.
Limits on number of money adding: 5 times a day and 50 times a month.
Charges 7.86% of the amount you add.
— 5,000 rubles at a time;
— 15,000 rubles a day;
— 40,000 rubles a month.
Charges 10.86% of the amount you add plus 10 rubles for ‘Easy payment’ service.
Maximum amounts:
— 14,999 rubles at a time;
— 30,000 rubles a day;
— 40,000 rubles a month.
Limits on number of money adding: 5 times a day.
Charges 15.86% of the adding amount.
Максимальные суммы:
— 5000 рублей за один раз;
— 15 000 рублей в день.
Limit on number of money adding: 5 times a day.
To add money to your Wallet, take the following actions:
  1. Click ‘Add’ near your balance.
  2. Select ‘Linked phone’.
  3. If you have several phone numbers linked to your account, select the one you need.
  4. Specify the amount you wish to add and click ‘Proceed’.
  5. Wait for a text message from your operator and confirm the transfer.
Usually text messages come instantly, but sometimes it may take up to 20 minutes. After your confirmation money will be credited instantly.

Adding money via QIWI account

You can transfer money on Visa QIWI Wallet site. The commission is 3%, maximum transfer amount is 15,000 rubles.
Follow the link, specify the Wallet number and amount, and confirm the payment. Money will be credited immediately.

Getting a Microloan

You can get registered with one of the microcrediting services to take out small loans for your Yandex.Money account.
Usually money is credited immediately (if all verification results are satisfactory).