Contacting Our Support Service

Didn't find the answer you need under Help? Write to us using the feedback form or email us at
We'll be able to help you faster if you also provide:
  • the numbers of any Yandex.Money accounts involved in the problem (including your account number);
  • information about which version of the site you were using—the full version or the mobile app;
  • the link to the problematic payment form (and even better, the html code of that form);
  • a screenshot of the error page (or the URL of the page along with the full error message).
If something went wrong while you were adding money to an account, attach an image of the receipt.
Important: don’t send us your password or recovery code. No one but you should know them.
A few minutes after sending the message, you'll receive an email with your request number (e.g. Ticket#123456789012345). You don’t need to respond to that email. And you shouldn't send a ‘follow-up’ message asking us to hurry. If you do, your request will be sent to the end of the queue, since requests are automatically sorted in the order they were received.
Please do not change the subject line in subsequent correspondence.