Deferred Payment

Deferred payment is a free service that lets you create an order for payment if you don’t have enough funds on your account. Do you need to pay for your Internet connection, cell phone, or send money to a friend right away, but the funds on your account are insufficient? You can make a payment order that Yandex.Money will automatically carry out once the insufficient amount is credited to your account. You won’t have to do anything beyond that.
If you want to be informed immediately when your payment orders are carried out, we recommend you enable text message notifications. Notifications about each transaction will be sent to the cell phone number linked to your account.

Create an Order

It’s super easy to create an order: when you start the payment process for a good or service, Yandex.Money checks if the funds on your account are sufficient and, if they aren’t, you’re automatically prompted to use the ‘Deferred Payment’ service.
How do I create an order?

1. Start your payment to the store where you want to shop just like you usually do.

2. If the amount to be paid exceeds the amount remaining on your account, Yandex.Money will prompt you to create an order.

3. Carefully read through the terms and conditions of deferred payments and confirm the order by entering your payment password or a one-time password, just as you would confirm a regular payment.

4. That’s it! Your deferred payment order has been created.

The order’s lifespan depends entirely on the store and usually lasts several days. You need to add money to your account within this period, otherwise your order will be annulled. Simply click ‘add money’ and select the method most convenient for you.

Order Management

All orders you create are saved in your History on the Yandex.Money website.

Reviewing Order Details

To open an order’s details, click on its name.

Canceling an Order

If you change your mind and decide not to make a payment, you can cancel your order by clicking ‘cancel order’:

Information on Completed Payments

Once your order is carried out (i.e. the money is transferred to the store or another user) a record of the completed payment will appear under the ‘Payments’ section. Deferred payments are marked with a special icon, so you can easily distinguish them on the list.