Purchasing Virtual Cards

What are virtual cards and what are they used for?
They are bank cards that are specially designed for making safe Internet payments. They are issued only electronically and don’t have a physical medium. You can use them for purchases in any online stores instead of your primary debit or credit card. That way you don’t have to worry about the security of that card.
Can I add money to my virtual card?
No. But you always can buy a new card with the value you need.
How do I know when my virtual card expires?
If you don’t remember what expiration date was specified on the payment form, look it up in the payment details under your History.
What bank issued the card I’m buying?

Purchasing a Virtual Card

What commission is charged on the purchase of virtual cards?
There is a 1.99% commission on the card’s value, but no less than 19 rubles. The value is specified on the payment confirmation page.
What denominations can I buy a card in?
The minimum value you can put on a card is 300 rubles (or its equivalent in the card’s currency). The maximum value is 14,000 rubles (or its equivalent in the card’s currency).
What currency are virtual cards issued in?
In rubles, US dollars, and euros. If you are planning to shop at international online stores, you are better off getting a card in a foreign currency. That way you won’t have to worry about exchange rates and commission on conversion while you’re shopping.
Can I buy multiple virtual cards at a time?
Yes, you can buy as many cards as you want.

Making Payments with a Virtual Card

How do I use a virtual card to pay at online stores?
The same way you would pay with an ordinary bank card. For payments at popular international stores, like Amazon.com, App Store and PayPal, we've created illustrated step-by-step guidelines.
I didn’t spend all the money on my virtual card before it expired. What happens to the money on it?
In 45 days it will be returned to your Yandex.Money account minus a bank commission of 49 rubles, but no more than the sum remaining on the card. For cards in a foreign currency, conversion to rubles will be carried out according to the rate set by the Central Bank of the Russia.
When paying at a store, I'm asked to provide my billing address and other strange information. What do I do?
Your billing address is the address where you reside (simply enter it in Latin letters). Other details you may be asked for in a foreign store:
  • Address 1 — street address and apartment (for example: 1/11 Moskovskaya Street);
  • Address 2 — optional field (here you can specify any other information necessary to distinguish your address);
  • State — region or district (for example: Moscow or Moskovskaya Region);
  • ZIP or Postal Code — postal code.
I entered all the card's details, but I still can't complete the payment. Why?
The store probably doesn't accept cards issued in Russia (even though MasterCard is an international payment system).
If that's the case, try to find out if you can pay for your order with a bank transfer. You can send transfers to any country from our website.

Text Message Notifications

Why do I need text message notifications for virtual card transactions?
First, they will help inform you of how much money is left on the card, what the amount of the latest transaction was, etc. Second, notifications are needed while making purchases at online stores that require you to confirm your payment by entering certain transaction details (e.g. PаyPal and VKontakte). These details will be sent to you in a text message.
To enable this service you need to link a cell phone number to your account. Test message notifications will be sent to this cell phone number. For more details, see the Intercommerz Bank website (PDF file).
Make sure you don’t confuse these notifications with text message updates about general account transactions. Even if you are using the service for general updates, notifications about virtual card transactions should be enabled separately (when you purchase a virtual card).
I bought a virtual card but did not enable text message notifications. How else can I find out my card balance or payment details?
Contact Intercommerz Bank’s customer support. You will have to provide the last 4 digits of the card number and a cell phone number where you can receive a text message with the card’s details.
Email address: info@intercommerz.ru
Service operating hours: Mon-Thu 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Fri 9:00 AM - 4:45 PM (Moscow Time).
Phone numbers:
  • +7 (495) 380 2222 (for calls from Moscow)
  • 8 800 700 0022 (for toll-free calls from anywhere in Russia)
To receive card information on weekends or during non-business hours, press ‘1’ after connecting.
I haven’t received a text message with the card number. What should I do?
Text message notifications only come to the cell phone number linked to your account. Click the link and check if the number you specified is correct. If it’s not, contact Intercommerz Bank's customer support.