How to Pay with a Virtual Card

You can pay with a MasterCard Prepaid virtual card worldwide at any online store that accepts ordinary MasterCards. Read up on how to purchase and use the card in our FAQ.
Please note: if your card is issued in rubles, the amount will be automatically converted into the currency the purchase is made in, according to the Central Bank of  Russia’s rate + 1.5%.
Below you can find step-by-step instructions on how to use the card to pay for your purchases at the most popular online stores:

1. Log in at, open your account page, and select ‘Add a Credit Card’ under the ‘Payment’ menu.

2. Enter your virtual card’s details into the corresponding fields: card type (MasterCard), number, the cardholder’s name (your first name and surname in Latin characters), and expiration date. Next, you’ll need to type in your address. You can either select the address you specified when you registered on the website or add a new one.

3. And you’re all set! The card is linked to your account. Linking confirmation isn’t required. When the card’s funds are used up or it expires, you’ll be able to delete the card and link a new one in its place.

App Store

1. On the App Store’s website select ‘Settings —Appstore’ in the menu. If you’ve never paid with a bank card at App Store before, you’ll be shown a message that you don’t have a linked card: ‘Credit Card — None’.

2. Change the value of the ‘Credit Card’ field from ‘None’ to ‘MasterCard’:

3. Then enter your card’s details: its number, CVC2 code, expiration month and year, cardholder’s name (your first name and surname in Latin characters), and your billing address.

1. Open a ‘personal’ account on Please note: in order to link a virtual card to your PayPal account, you must enable the ‘text message notifications’ service when buying the card.

2. Fill in all fields on the registration form. Please note: once you register, you won’t be able to change the surname you specified initially.

3. On the next step you’ll need to enter your virtual card’s details or click the link at the bottom of the screen to proceed immediately to your ‘My Account’ page.

4. If you didn’t enter the bank card’s details when creating an account or want to add a new card in place of the one previously linked, you can always do so by selecting ‘Update Card’ under your ‘Profile’ menu.

5. Once you’ve added the card, PayPal will automatically carry out two authorization transactions to verify the card’s existence and confirm it. First $1, and then $1.95, will be blocked on your card. The amount of the first transaction ($1) will be unblocked in 30 days (if your card has expired by then, the amount will be returned to your Yandex.Money account). The amount of the second transaction ($1.95) will be unblocked the next business day. So, if you want to start using the card right after you’ve registered it at PayPal, its value should be at least $2.95 more than the cost of your order.
When $1.95 has been temporarily charged from the card, a text message with the confirmation code will be delivered to the cell phone linked to your Yandex.Money account (if you don’t have text message notifications enabled, you can find out the code by contacting Intercommerz Bank’s customer support during its operating hours). You should enter the 4-digit code you receive on PayPal’s website. Once you’ve done so, your card will be deemed verified.