How does an identified user differ from an anonymous one?

When you transfer Yandex.Money to other users of the service, the recipient's status appears on the payment form. Here's what each of the statuses means:
  • anonymous account—the recipient hasn't given Yandex.Money his personal information, and we don't know who he is. If you know the person you're sending money to, you have nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, beware: scammers often try to trick honest users into giving them money (for example, they raise money by pretending to be a charity). When doing so, they conceal their identity, and their accounts are more often than not anonymous.
  • identified recipient—the account owner has confirmed his identity, and Yandex.Money has his passport information. This person probably uses our service regularly and has nothing to hide.
  • professional account—a special type of account that we recommend to users who accept payments. Professional account owners follow special rules that help settle conflicts. Should any problems arise, you'll be able to get the personal information you need to file a lawsuit against the professional account owner.

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