Rules for Accepting Payments

‘Professionals’ can accept payments from both other users of the service (Yandex.Money accounts and linked bank cards) and those without e-wallets (any Visa or MasterCard).
The number of transfers is unlimited, but a professional's available balance should not exceed 500,000 rubles. If your Wallet is full, you need to free up space in it. Otherwise new transfers from other Wallets and bank cards will be put to pending deposits for 7 days and then returned to their senders.
The sender is subject to standard limits, which depend on the payment method and user's status.
If a dispute arises between the ‘Professional’ and the sender, it can be settled via our website. This must be done within 14 calendar days of the complaint being filed.

For Professionals

If a Yandex.Money user files a complaint, you'll see it on our homepage. You then have three options:
  1. Return money to the sender’s account. You need to return the entire amount including commission.
  2. Contact the sender (contact details are in the message) and settle the conflict. Then the sender will recall the complaint on the Yandex.Money site.
  3. Reject the complaint, if you're sure it's not substantiated. After that, the sender will see your full name and address of residence and will be able to file a complaint in court.
  4. Ignore the complaint. It will be rejected in 14 days automatically, and the sender will see your personal details.
Please note: there are situations when we are obligated to return money, e.g. if an identified user didn't really send the transfer you received. In that case, we'll have to automatically charge your account for the amount of the transfer. If the transfer was sent from an e-wallet, money may be returned within 2 business days. For Visas and MasterCards it may take up to 180 days.

For Senders

If your recipient has a professional status, you may file a complaint within 30 calendar days after making a payment. The recipient will have 14 days for handling your complaint:
  1. Return the entire amount of the transfer including commission.
  2. Contact you and settle the conflict. When you come to an agreement, you will need to recall the complaint on our site.
  3. Reject your complaint. Then you'll see full name and address of residence of the Professional (if you are identified user) and will be able to file a complaint in court.