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HTTP-Based Solution

Merchants with automated order processing can implement the HTTP-based solution.
After charging a user's e-wallet, PAC sends an HTTPS notification with payment details to the Merchant's URL. This enables the Merchant to process orders and deliver goods or services automatically.
HTTPS notifications work for online businesses running on any platform. PAC sends POST HTTP requests to the Merchant. The Merchant returns results in response to these requests.
PAC-to-Merchant communication based on HTTPS:
  1. User fills out a payment form and clicks the “Pay” button. Order details are submitted to PAC;
  2. For User, PAC generates a payment contract page with order details;
  3. User confirms payment;
  4. PAC requests Merchant to check that the order is correct;
  5. Merchant confirms the correct order;
  6. PAC charges User's Yandex.Money account;
  7. For User, Yandex.Money generates and displays a payment success or failure page with the “Return to Merchant” button;
  8. PAC notifies Merchant that the payment has been successful;
  9. Merchant confirms receipt of payment notification;
  10. User clicks “Return to Merchant”
  11. For User, Merchant generates and displays the “Order Complete” page with details.
Please note the following:
  • PAC HTTP requests are signed using a key file, and transmitted via SSL. Merchant must verify the signature;
  • Before charging User's e-wallet, PAC requests Merchant to check the order details. If PAC does not receive confirmation from Merchant, it will not process this transaction and will inform User that the payment has failed;
  • In addition to HTTPS notifications, PAC generates regular registers of payments and sends them to Merchant via email on a daily basis.
Sample daily register of payments:
PAYMENT REGISTER for OnlineShop, LLC. No 3355
    Date of payments: 18.12.2010
      Transaction number; Client ID; Net payment amount; Currency;
        Payment amount after fee deduction; Date and time of payment; E-wallet number; Brief description; Provider ID
          549755819524; 4956; 10.00; RUB; 9.50; 18.12.2010 17:46:58; 410038366898; payment for OnlineShop products;
            549755819525; 4957; 15.00; RUB; 14.25; 18.12.2010 17:47:32; 410038366898; payment for OnlineShop products;
              Total net amount of payments accepted: 25.00 RUB
                Total amount of payments after fee deduction: 23.75 RUB
                  Number of payments: 2
                    To: OnlineShop, LLC (as per Agreement 111.1111.11)