Transferring Money

To transfer money to another Yandex.Money user, you need to:
  1. Go to this form.
  2. Enter the recipient's data in the ‘Who’ field: his Yandex.Money account number, Yandex.Mail address, or phone number linked to his account. Be aware: if a cell phone number is linked to several accounts, you won't be able to send a transfer.
  3. Enter the amount you want to transfer in the ‘How much’ field. The ‘Amount to be paid’ field will automatically feature the amount that will be debited from your account (including commission).
  4. Add a comment or a short message for the recipient (optional).
  5. Select the option ‘Protect transfer with a security code’ if you're not sure that you correctly entered the recipient's data or think you might need to recall the transfer (more).
  6. Click ‘Transfer’ and confirm transaction by entering your payment password (or your advanced authorization code).

Who can be the recipient?

Technically, any Yandex.Money user can receive money. But for safety purposes we recommend that you pay attention to the recipient's status if you don't know her in person.
In some cases, you might need to go through the identification process to raise Yandex.Money. If you're offered to transfer money to the user who you don't know, who doesn't have the ‘Professional’ status or is not identified with Yandex.Money — be careful.
Be aware: the transfer form is only designed for transfers within the service. If you need to transfer money to a bank account, use these forms.

Commission on Transfers

A 0.5% commission is charged on money transfers.