How to Add Money to a Yandex.Money Account Using Cash

Yandex.Money doesn’t charge commission on deposits, but our partners have the right to charge commission for their services. Information on commission rates and the period it takes for deposits to reach your account can be found along with the information on each method of adding money.
Don’t forget: in order to add money to an account you need to know its number. We recommend you write it down, print it out, or save it in your cell phone.

Payment Kiosks

You can add money to your account via payment kiosks found in shopping malls, stores, and metro stations. Most kiosks operate 24/7.
To add money, you need to know your Yandex.Money account number or your linked phone number. If the phone number is linked to several accounts, money will be credited to the last account paid from.

Checkout Counters

Money can be added at the checkout counters at cell phone outlets, electronic equipment stores, internet-cafes, and other retail outlets. You don’t have to fill out any forms or sign any agreements. All you have to do is tell the cashier your account number.

Money and Mail Transfers

You can add money to your account via money transfer and payment systems, whose outlets are usually located in bank offices. To do this, you’ll have to show your passport and fill out an application form.
Additionally, you can add money to your account by mail transfer at any Post of Russia office (you should fill out the application form on our website beforehand).

Bank branches

Another way to add cash to your account is via wire transfer from any part of the world. In some countries, identified users can get local transfer details (with no more than 1% commission). For other countries, you’ll be able to send an international transfer according to a Russian bank’s details.
For transfers from Russia, you can use the services of our partner banks. Usually in this case commission is lower and the time it takes for a deposit to be credited is shorter.