Payment Process

You can pay right on our website, on our partners' websites, or even at stores that don't accept Yandex.Money yet.

How to Find a Product or Service

First, you can use Yandex.Money’s search feature. The search field is found at the top of every page of the website (even this one). Just type in the name of the item you want to find or use our prompts.
Or you can go to Goods and Services (in the left hand menu) and select the category you need.

Payment on the Yandex.Money Website

Usually payments take no longer than a minute: you fill out a form, select a payment method, and get your receipt. The most important payments made from your Wallet must be confirmed by a payment password (permanent or one-time). Payments made from your linked card must be confirmed with a password from your bank (it usually is a text message code).
For most services, additional payment methods are available. For example, when you pay for cell phone service, internet, or home utilities, you can choose to pay with any Visa or MasterCard, or even with cash.
If you are logged in at the time of the payment, we'll save a record of the payment in your History.

Payment on Another Website

If you start your payment on our partners' websites, select Yandex.Money as your payment method when completing your order. After that, everything is the same: the store will redirect you to our website to make payment that we record to your History.
If you've already issued a virtual card, you can even pay at online stores that don't accept Yandex.Money yet. Select bank card as the payment method and enter the virtual card's details. The payment amount will be debited from your account (and the payment will appear in your History).

Payment via a Third-party Application

If you grant access to an app that uses Yandex.Money API, it will be able to make payments on your behalf. You won’t need to confirm your payment or enter your payment password. You can always view the list of the apps you’ve authorized, change their authorizations, or cancel access entirely under your Wallet Preferences.

Text message payment

If you have a Wallet on Yandex, you can pay traffic fines or for your home utilities via text messages. You don't need to be online or provide cash.
Activating is simple: check ‘Get notifications’ on the page of bills and fines review, then select ‘Emails and text messages’. When something new to be paid appears, we will send you a text message with a payment code. Send it in a reply message to make payment.
Money will be debited from your Wallet or your linked bank card (if you do not have enough funds on your account).