Buying PINs

Usually when you pay on Yandex.Money's website, the purchase amount is simply transferred from your Yandex.Money account to your cell phone account, a serivce provider, an online game, etc. But this isn't always the case. Like when you buy a PIN.
A PIN is a secret sequence of numbers that is used to pay for different services (e.g. long distance calls, voice over IP, or Internet service). On pre-paid phone cards that are sold in regular stores, the PIN is located under the scratch-off protection strip. But on Yandex.Money you only buy a virtual version of such a card — just the code itself without any physical medium.

Purchasing Process

Using a PIN to buy a good or a service involves two steps:
  1. First, you buy a PIN on the Yandex.Money website. To do this, you need to select the good you want to buy on the payment form, click on ‘Pay’ and confirm your payment as you usually do.
  2. Then you need to activate the PIN you bought on the website of the online game, your Internet service provider, or other store. To find out how to do this, click on ‘Activation Rules’, found on the payment form.
Remember: you can only use the PIN you buy once. So make sure no one else gains access to your PIN before it’s activated.
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