Regular Payments

The most important payments are on top in your Wallet. Our service can remind you on them and repeat them by your command.


The operations that are close at hand. They are easy to repeat in a couple of clicks without specifying details again. Just click the button and enter confirmation password if required.
Mark the payments and transfers you like to add it to your Favorites.


The reminders are free and work for most of the goods and services from our catalog. You can set them up in the course of a payment.
You have two options: a message to your email or a text message to your linked phone number. Email message has a button for repeating payment; text message has a code that you need to send as a reply to let us debit the money automatically.


You can consign all regular payment to our service: Internet, TV, electricity, and home utility bills, or loan repayments, travel cards, and many more.
Open the required payment form, select ‘activate autopayment’, specify date and sum, and make payment. Next time our service will do it for you.
You get text message and email reminding the due date is coming. After payments we send notifications. We do not debit money without permission.
To activate autopayment for your mobile phone servicing, specify the phone number, payment amount, and threshold below which the balance should not reduce. Wait for a text message from the operator and reply to it if that is required. If the operator sent you nothing, the service most likely has been activated.
Skype autopayment intervenes every time your Skype balance goes below 5 EUR.
The service only works for identifier and reviewed users.
Skype is a non-Russian company, while anonymous users only allowed paying in the Russian stores
You can easily cancel any autopayment on our site's homepage.


Services can issue you invoices. For instance, fees for hosting services or Direct ads. On the due date you will see reminders on such payments in your inbox.
To subscribe for receipt delivery, complete the following:
  1. Select the service you need from the list and click ‘Create Subscription’.
  2. Enter your login for this service.
  3. Get authorization code on the service site or via email.
  4. Enter this code on our site to activate your subscription.
You can cancel subscription under your History.