Username and Passwords

You need a username and password to log in to the service.
Your username is the same one you created when signing up for Yandex. After signing up, you can't change your username.
You enter your login password along with your username. You may change this password using Yandex.Passport at any time.
You can also log into any Yandex service through online social networks: VK, Facebook, Twitter.

Passwords for Confirmation of Operations

By default, our site request passwords only for the most important operations. You can change it by clicking ‘Always request password’ under your account Settings.
You have several options for receiving payment passwords:
     • in text messages sent to the phone number you specified when opening your Wallet;
     • in the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Yandex.Key works for iOS and Android, Google Authenticator works for all systems.
Code charts and e-tokens are no longer valid. Try switching to another password under your account Settings. If you cannot do it, contact our Support Service.
If you opened your Wallet before January 2014 and still uses permanent payment password, we recommend switching to one-time passwords—in text messages or mobile app.
Do not reveal any of your passwords or codes to anybody. If someone asks you for a password, this person is trying to defraud you.

Emergency codes

Available for everyone who uses one-time passwords.
These can be useful if you are no longer able to receive passwords using your preferred method, whether that be text message, mobile application, code chart, or e-token. With emergency codes you'll be able to confirm any operation including payments, transfers, and activation of new services.
You can get a new set of emergency codes at any time; the link to the ‘Password’ section is under Settings.
Please note: you do not want to tell emergency codes to anybody. The Yandex.Money staff will never ask them of you.