Linking a Phone Number

You need mobile phone to create a Wallet on Yandex. We send text messages with passwords, notifications, and reminders to it.
One-time passwords support payments and other operations with your Wallet. You can get them in text messages or via the app.
By default, we send passwords in text messages, but you can change it under your Settings.
Text message notifications allow tracking your balance changes. It might be useful, if you, for instance, often accept transfers to your Wallet. The subscription costs 50 rubles a month or less, if you subscribe for 6 months or a year.
You can activate reminders for regular payments. For example, the payments for the internet services or home utilities. Set a period and we will notify you, when it is time to pay. Make sure that text message reminders are activated under your account Settings.

Adding and changing phone number

View your account Settings and click the pencil icon near ‘Phone number’ line. You will land on ‘You phone numbers’ page. On it you can manage the following:
— link your phone number, if you do not have one linked. This may only be true for the Wallets opened before January 2014,
— change phone number: firstly, add new one, then delete your current number,
— link one more phone number if you use several SIM-cards,
— change your primary phone number (the one you are receiving our text messages to). By default, the number you specified the first is your primary number.

Cannot use phone

If you left your phone at home or its battery died when you need to confirm an operation, use emergency codes. Issue the codes, print them out, and keep them safe at hand.
Use passwords in the app on a train or in other places of poor coverage. It even works under airplane mode.
If your phone gets lost or stolen, immediately ask our Support Service to suspend operations with your Wallet. You will be able to restore access to it as soon as your find your phone or restore the SIM-card.
To create a Wallet, you need to have a functioning mobile phone in any case.