Notifications allows you to receive information about transactions made through your account immediately. It is handy—you can always follow your balance. It is secure—if someone tries to spend your Yandex.Money, you will find that out and you will be able to contact our Support Service.
You can choose the type of notifications most convenient for you—emails, text messages to your linked phone number, or both.

Notifications via Email

This service is free.
Notifications about transactions can be sent to any address verified on Yandex.Passport. You can make changes to your Yandex.Passport as needed.

Text Message Notifications

This service costs 50 rubles per month. If you pay several months at once, the service is cheaper: 6 months subscription will cost 200 rubles (instead of 300 rubles), one year subscription will cost 350 rubles (instead of 600 rubles).
Notifications about transactions can be sent to the cell phone linked to your account from YandexMoney or from number 1960. You’ll receive a message at this same number warning you when your notifications subscription is about to expire. You can change your linked cell phone number at any time under your Settings.