Bank Cards

Plastic Yandex.Money Card

Premium MasterCard allows you to pay from your Wallet at any stores worldwide and withdraw cash via ATMs. You can also enjoy discounts from MasterCard partners.
The card operates three years. Issue and delivery are free. You only need to pay for its servicing—300 rubles.

Yandex.Money bank card with bonuses

The card allows you to pay at any stores and withdraw cash in any ATMs: money is debited from your Wallet. You can additionally collect bonuses from Svyaznoy Club on the card. The bonuses can be exchanged for discounts.
The card expires in three years. Issue and delivery are free, you only need to pay a service fee: 500 rubles.
We don't issue new cards anymore.

Yandex.Money Virtual Card

This bank card can be used to pay from your account at online stores that don't accept Yandex.Money yet. Issuing one is free: the card's number is stored on the website and its CVC and expiration date are sent to you in a text message.
To pay with the card, you just need to add money to your Yandex.Money account. Commission on payments is 0%.

Card Linked for Payments

Linking a bank card is a free service that allows you to make fast and secure payments and send transfers straight from your bank card. You won't have to waste time adding money to your account or entering your card's details at online stores. Commission on payments is 0%; commission on transfers to other users is 0.5%.

‘Bank Connection’ Service

If you have access to Alfa-Click, you can activate the service ‘Bank Connection’. The service allows you to add money to your Yandex.Money account commission free and instantly transfer Yandex.Money to your bank card (with a 3% commission).