Security Code

Security codes are a free service meant to provide extra protection for transfers from one Wallet to another. Your recipients will only collect money if they know the security code. This is useful if:
— You aren’t sure whether you entered the recipient’s account number correctly;
— You want to transfer the money definitively only after the recipient has fulfilled some conditions.
If the recipient does not enter the code on time, or enter incorrect code, the transfer will be canceled. Money will be returned to your Wallet or a linked bank card (depending on what source you've used when making transfer).

Sending a Protected Transfer

A security code is generated automatically from four random digits. Tell your recipient the code using a stand-alone channel:. by email, over the phone, or in a text message. Do not enter the code as commentary to the transfer. You can choose its validity period yourself—from 1 to 365 days.

Receiving a Protected Transfer

To receive a protected transfer, you need to enter the security code. Until then, money will remain frozen on the sender’s account. If you do not specify the code on time or specify incorrect code three times, the transfer will be canceled.
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