Transfers to a Bank Card

To transfer money to a card, you only need to know its number. Any card will do:
  • Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro issued in any country except Afghanistan, Columbia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, and the USA; the list may vary;
  • American Express or Diners Club International issued by Russian Standard Bank.
A couple of nuances: sometimes banks forbid transfers to certain types of their bank cards (salary cards, virtual cards, non-personalized cards). Citibank does not accept transfers from Yandex.Money Wallets: try transferring from a card.

Conditions of transferring money

The commission is charged from the sender—3% of the amount + 45 rubles. Minimum transfer amount is 500 rubles. Maximum amounts are the following:
  • 15,000 rubles at a time for reviewed user account, 75,000 rubles for identified user account;
  • 150,000 rubles a day;
  • 600,000 rubles a month
Nuance: you can make up to 5 transfers a day to the cards issued outside of Russia.
Money is usually credited to your card immediately, but sometimes transferring may take up to five business days depending on the bank.
We protect the card's details in accordance with the international standard PCI DSS.

Who can send transfers

Anybody can make transfers. But the person needs to provide passport details. Two ways to do it:
  • on our site if you have Russian passport;
  • via identification application (for residents of all countries).
Common Questions: