Account Protection

Imagine that your account is a safe where you keep money. To keep your money safe from burglars, it’s not enough to simply buy a reliable safe. You should put pickproof locks on the door of the apartment where the safe is kept, not lose the keys to those locks, and, on top of that, install a burglar alarm. To protect your account, you need to do the same thing: use electronic keys (your passwords) and alarms (notifications about transactions).

Use a Secure Payment Password

  • Create a relatively long password (at least six characters) that contains capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.
  • Don’t use simple passwords that people might guess (e.g. based on your name, date of birth, passport number).
  • Don’t use common passwords that are easy to figure out, such as ‘12345’, ‘qwerty’, ‘password’, ‘mysecurepassword’, or ‘letmein’.
  • Don’t use the same combination of symbols for your password on various services. Remember that your payment password should not coincide with your Yandex login or password.
  • Your password should be easy for you to remember or recover.

Store Your Passwords Carefully

  • Don’t ever tell your password to anybody, including Yandex.Money Support Service employees.
  • Don’t write down your payment password in the same place as your Yandex login and password.
  • Don’t keep your passwords in a prominent place (e.g. near your computer or in your wallet).
  • Never send your password over email or instant messaging systems.
  • Don’t enter your password on unknown computers, especially at Internet-cafes or other public places.
  • Don’t name the file where your password is saved ‘My Passwords’ or save it to your desktop.

Link a Cell Phone Number to Your Account

Then you'll be able to switch to using one-time text message passwords, which is the most reliable protection. Additionally, with your cell phone you can quickly regain access to your Wallet if you forget your payment password. You'll just need to request a text message with a special code and enter the code on our website.
Plus, after you’ve linked your phone number, you’ll be able to activate text message notifications about all transactions made through your account.

Enable Notifications about Transactions

If fraudsters ever do gain access to your account, it’s important that you find out as soon as possible. That way our Support Service will have a better chance of being able to return your money. We recommend subscribing to notifications about transactions. That way you’ll get instant information about all changes to your balance.

Switch to Using One-time Passwords

One-time passwords are the most reliable protection for your Wallet. It's impossible to steal them or figure them out.
After you've switched to using one-time passwords, you’ll confirm every transaction by entering a new password (from text messages or a special code chart).