Benefits of Identification

Identified users enjoy access to more options on Yandex.Money and face a lot fewer restrictions. Compare for yourself:
While your account is anonymousAfter identification
We don't know anything about you. Anyone who sends you a transfer receives a warning about this. Other uses can't trust you. We consider you to be a trustworthy user who has nothing to hide. We tell other this, when they send you transfers.
You can only spend 15,000 rubles at a time. The same limit applies to adding and withdrawing money from your account. Plus, you have a monthly limit on transfers to other users — 40,000 rubles. Your limit for a single transaction —100,000 — is almost 7 times higher than anonymous users' limit.
You can't withdraw Yandex.Money in cash at ATMs or make use of certain other convenient methods of withdrawing money from your account. Plus, your limit on withdrawals is 300,000 rubles a month. You can withdraw cash at any ATM using a Yandex.Money MasterCard, receive funds via money transfer systems, and also send money to any international bank account. Your monthly limit is 3,000,000 rubles.
You can’t link a WebMoney Purse to your account.Not only can you add money to your account from a linked WebMoney Purse, but you can also transfer money to that Purse.
You cannot obtain ‘Professional’ status.You can take advantage of all the benefits of a professional account when receiving payments.

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