Accepting Payments: API for Apps

With our API you can add your own settings to ready-to-go tools or create your very own payment solution. Using our API, you can accept payments by bank card or in Yandex.Money.
You can implement:
  • regular payments—e.g. monthly subscription payments;
  • one-click payments without redirect to our site;
  • processing of users' wallet data—view users' balance, payment history, status, etc.
Don't forget to free up space in your Wallet. If it is full, new transfers from Wallets and linked bank cards will be pending for 7 days, and then returned to their senders. You can keep up to 15,000 rubles on an anonymous account, 60,000 rubles on a reviewed account, and 500,000 rubles on an identified account.

Implementation options

If you plan on accepting payments as a private individual—to your Yandex.Money account—you don't need to sign a contract. Read through the documentation, register your app on our site, and start working with the API.
Legal entities and sole proprietors can recieve money to their company's bank account after implementing Yandex.Money's payment solution. The payment solution allows you to accept payments by bank card, in cash, in e-money, and from mobile phone balances. By using the API on top of our payment solution, you'll be able to receive recommendations based on analyses of your customers' payment histories, provide your customers with payment reminders, and much more.

Where to begin

  1. Read through the technical documentation and select what functionality you need.
  2. Register your app on our website. After registering, you'll receive an identifier—client_id—which you'll need for connecting with the Yandex.Money API.
  3. Add new payment functionality to your app.